Desingers, Manufacturers of Hydraulic Systems and Cylinders.
Our Manufacturing division serves a lot of OEM customers manufacturing machines for Automotive and material handling industries.
We have manufactured more 30 test rigs/equipments to establishments like NAL ,HAL ,GTRE , ADA , CMTI , etc. We manufacture Cylinders from 25 dia to 200 dia for a variety of applications.

Modular Standard Power Units

Reservoir Sizes 20&40 liters

Standard Power Unit

Reservoir Capacities of 100, 160, 250, 400 &
630 liters

Maximum Pressure Upto 315 bar
Hydraulic Power Packs for CNC Machines, Metal Handling Equipments. etc
Custom Built Power Packs for

Special Purpose Machines


Rubber Extruders
Specialized in Design manufacture of hydraulic test rigs and mobile trollys to various defence establishments like ADA, HAL, NAL, VSSC, NFC, GTRE, CMTI

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